How to Date Women – The Top 10 Tips For a Successful Date

Okay guys, Let’s say that you have met a woman you are very interested in and you think she might even be “the one”. You have a first date lined up and you are going to a restaurant. What do you need to know? Knowing how to date women is as important as meeting a woman. You want her to be interested and to want to see you again.

Having the right knowledge of how to date women means the first date can be a successful date if you keep these main tips in mind.

1. If you are picking her up, make sure you know where she lives. This may seem obvious, but getting lost and being late won’t look good. Try to be punctual but maybe about 10 minutes late. This will build up some excitement and anticipation. xxx

2. Open the car door for her. Wait until she gets in and is comfortable, then close the door for her. Try to drive like a human being. You don’t want to scare the life out of her by weaving in and out of traffic at break neck speeds. Drive the speed limit and obey the rules of the road, even if you don’t normally. Don’t run red lights. Being a respectful driver says a lot about a person and remember, you are trying to make a great impression here.

3. Make sure that you have made a reservation at the restaurant. The last thing you want to do is show up and find out that it is too busy and you can’t get a table. Planning ahead tells her that you are organized and thoughtful. Women like to know that you have planned the evening, it makes them feel special. Making a woman feel special is an important part of how to date women.

4. Ask her if she would like a drink and when the waiter comes to the table, order her drink for her. Don’t over do it – don’t have too many drinks and lose control, this is a total turnoff. Besides that, who is driving?

5. After you have both looked at the menus, ask her what she decided on. When the waiter returns, order her food first and then yours. When the food arrives, eat slowly, don’t stuff the food in, even if you are hungry. Make conversation and listen to what she is saying. Ask questions, be responsive. This is another big piece of the puzzle of how to date women.

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